DIY – Day tours in Mosfellsbær

Day tour 1Day tour 1

Hamrahlíð – Úlfarsfell – Lágafellslaug

This day tour contains a medium hard hike up the mountain Úlfarsfell which separates Mosfellsbær and Reykjavík. If you pack a lunch you can enjoy a light meal while watching the view of the beautiful countryside of Mosfellsbær on one side and an overlook of Reykjavik on the other side. The view is spectacular and the walk is a nice experience, starting in a small forest, moving up to a more rugged part, all the way to the top. After the hike we suggest taking a swim in our most popular geothermal swimming pool, Lágafellslaug.


Day tour 2Day tour 2

Art exhibition – Álafosskvos – Ásgarður

Handicap friendly day tour

This day tour gives a touch of everything, art, nature, food and culture. Starting in our small Art gallery that features a new art exhibition every month. The gallery is in a hall inside our local library. From there you can walk to our well-known sites of Álafosskvos. The area is the birthplace of the Icelandic wool industry. There is the old mill that has a new role as a shop that specializes in wool products. The area also hosts the first local swimming pool founded in 1933 and now has a new role as a recording studio.  Ásgarður is a protected workplace placed in Álafosskvos and they manufacture unique pieces of hand crafted wood. Their workshop is open for visitors and they also have a store where they sell their products. There you can also find a small café for hungry travelers. The surrounds is beautiful; a waterfall, Small River and a park with a lovely pond, perfect for relaxing on a sunny day in Mosfellsbær.