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Anna Tours

Walk & visit like a local Nature walk in the peaceful outskirts of Mosfellsbaer. Guided tour from 2-5 pm for individuals and small groups of max 8. The tour includes following: about 90 min recreational walk on a rugged trail through area of geothermal history and geologic terrain. Then we visit Anna´s home for an authentic “kaffitími” where all sorts […]

26 historical places in Mosfellsbær

On this map you will find the following 26 historical places in Mosfellsbær. Map of historical places in Mosfellsbær 1. Úlfarsá – The river Úlfarsá marks the boundary between Mosfellsbær and Reykjavík. 2. Leiruvogur – Leiruvogur was a well known mooring point for ships in the 10th-13th centuries. 3. Skiphóll – Shiphóll is an old […]

Maps of the town and surrounding area

Map of Mosfellsbæ (.pdf – 3.1mb) Running paths (.pdf 1,2mb) Hiking paths – map (.pdf 1.86mb) Walking and biking map of Mosfellsbæ (.pdf 4.10MB) Walking and biking map of the capital area (.pdf 3.27mb) The 15-minute walk – Mosfellsbær  map (.pdf – 193kb) – kort sem sýnir 1,6 km radíus út frá miðbæ Mosfellsbæjar í […]


By bus The most care free way to travel around the capital area is with out a doubt by bus. Rout 15 will pick you up in the center of Reykjavik and take you straight to Mosfellsbær. The journey takes about 30 minutes and you can view the lovely scenery while riding. By car Mosfellsbær […]

Mosfellsbaer – friendly, green and healthy

E-mail: info[at] The town of Mosfellsbær is only a 15-minute drive from midtown Reykjavík.  The district includes an area stretching to the Leiruvogur cove, which forms part of Kollafjörður fjord. Three rivers empty into the cove: Leirvogsá, Kaldakvísl and Varmá. Population 8,500. Mosfellsbær provides numerous opportunities for outdoor and leisure activities. The proximity to untouched nature and […]