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Tjaldanes 271 Mosfellsdal homepage: / Tjaldanes á Facebook email: tjaldanes[hjá] s: 896-8926 In Tjaldanes in Mosfellsdalur you can find 7 single or double bedrooms for rent and one family room for up to 4 persons. Shared WC and bath facilities, cooking facility and a livingroom with TV and an internet connection. In the livingroom […]


Varmá provides a 25m swimming pool, hot tubs, sauna, 3 indoor gymnasium, and outdoor soccer fields. The sports center serves a variety of sports and local teams have access to the facilities as well as the gyms are rented out to groups and individuals.


Lágafell provides 25m swimming pool, 12m indoor pool, children’s outdoors pools and three water slides, hot tubs, sauna, and wellness studio as well as an indoor gym. The swimming pools is open weekdays from 06:45 am until 8:30 pm and from 08:00 am until 5:30 pm on weekends. Íþróttamiðstöðin Lágafell Lækjarhlíð 1a, 270 Mosfellsbæ Sími […]


Halldór Laxness from Mosfellsbær Nobel Prize winner Halldór Laxness would have been 100 years old on 23 April 2002. He was an incredibly prolific writer: 62 books over a 68-year period. Over 500 editions of his works have been published, and they have been translated into 43 languages. Halldór’s books are an important part of […]