26 historical places in Mosfellsbær

On this map you will find the following 26 historical places in Mosfellsbær.

Map of historical places in Mosfellsbær

1. Úlfarsá – The river Úlfarsá marks the boundary between Mosfellsbær and Reykjavík.

2. Leiruvogur – Leiruvogur was a well known mooring point for ships in the 10th-13th centuries.

3. Skiphóll – Shiphóll is an old mooring point for ships (lit. “Ship´s Hill)

4. Varmá – First mentioned in 14th century sources as farmland with a church dedicated to St. Peter.

5 Brúarland – The school built at Brúarland in 1922 was the only one in the town for forty years.

6. Stekkjarflöt – The impressive work of art at Stekkjarflöt is by Magnús Tómasson and titled “House of the Poet – House of Time.”

7. Bridge over Varmá –  Map of the path.

8. Álafosskvos – The wool factory Álafoss was once one of the main employers in Mosfellsbær.

9. Álafoss – The river Varmá which used to be the local swimming pool.

10. Álnes – Specimens of various trees and some of Mosfellsbær´s oldest trees, planted 1930.

11. Reykjalundur –  Founded as a rehabilitation center for TB patients in 1950.

12. Energy pumping station – Geothermal water was first harnessed at Reykir in Mosfellsbær in the 1930s, using both hot springs and boreholes locally and in Mosfellsdalur.

13. Reykir –  For centuries there was a large farm on this land, and in 1922-3 Iceland´s first geothermal heated greenhouse was built here.

14. Lágafell – Picture from 1901 of all the inhabitants of the county

15. Tungufoss – A waterfall in Kaldakvísl where a power station was first built in 1930.

16. Ásar – British troops who occupied Iceland in 1940 built a huge military camp where an estimated 15.000 soldiers stayed.

17. Mosfellsdalur – The sign features an aerial photograph of Mosfellsdalur valley with

farmland and places names marked.

18. Mosfell –  A church site since the 12th century.

19. Gljúfrasteinn – Gljúfrasteinn was the home and workplace of Halldór Laxness (winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1955).

20. Grímannsfell – This information sign is near Kaldakvísl east of Jónslækur.

21. Helgusel – These are the ruins of an old farm in Helguhvammur that once belonged to Mosfellsbær Parish.

22. Bringur – Was inhabited from 1856-1966.

23. Laxnes – The childhood home of Halldór Laxness and the oldest habitation in Mosfellsbær.

24. Guddulaug – The District Council drew hot water from Guddulaug until 1980.

25. Lágafellsklif –  The view dial gives the names of all prominent landmarks in sight.

26. Hafravatnsrétt – An old sheepfold no longer in use.

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